Who is P-Status?

First & foremost, thank you for taking the time to visit my site and read a little bit about me. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA., now residing in Mesa, AZ. I truly come from a musical background, so anything music related is definitely in my genes to say the least. I’m just a humble beat maker by heart, I produce with love and I engineer with knowledge, experience and a technical understanding of audio and sound manipulation, as I’m also formally trained in the Recording Arts & Sciences field.
Rest assured, I know what I’m doing, from the big boards and tape reels of the analog days, to the modern digital era of computer based music production & software. What I do, comes from a true feeling of passion and love for creating music, manipulating sound and an overall fascination with music gear in general. That alone has been my sole motivation since day one. For the love of it! It’s from the heart, it’s pure, it’s real and it’s 100%!
It’s the #1 reason I strive to bring real beats to real artists! For the love of it… Nothing more, nothing less.
For more info. on myself, how to properly shop beats online, recording and vocal mixing tips and tricks to create quality music for a truly professional sound, don’t hesitate to sign up with me. You’ll also receive 3 hot beats on the house when you sign up, instantly sent to the email address you provide.
Original hip hop didn’t die, it just evolved! Much Love & Rhyme on!

What is Beats for Budgets.com About?

My mission is to bring to you, an elevated level of beats for the next level of rappers, mc’s, lyricists and artists. All my instrumentals will lend you a hand enabling you to craft a sound that is truly innovative, a style you will be able to call your own.
If you’ve been wondering where to find beats that are outside the box… looking for a place to buy beats that are truly unique, edgy & artistic… Then look no further. I don’t just offer to you good beats, but amazing beats! If you consider yourself a one-of-a-kind artist, then Welcome Home… If you’re not using one-of-a-kind beats… then you need to ask yourself, why not? In these days and times you don’t want to be a member of the sound-alike bubble. You have to stand out and absolutely shine! What’s going to make a casual listener or fan really listen? Something they haven’t heard before, something brand new… something refreshing! I can wholeheartedly promise to you… With any one of my tracks, you’re guaranteed to stand out with originality and quality. So step it up & make a choice.. are you as an artist going to blend in with the crowd… or stand out on your own two?
Original hip hop didn’t die, it just evolved! Much Love & Rhyme on!