Music Services



Beat Licensing

At Beats for, you will find a great variety of solid, professionally engineered hip hop rap beats for all your hip hop song writing needs. 100% original, I go all out to ensure to you, you’re receiving the highest in quality for vocal mixing ready tracks. Whether it be that hardcore street vibe, smooth laid back playa’ feel or a trend setting futuristic beat, I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking plus more.

Custom Audio Tracks

At Beats for, custom made beats are available by special request. For details concerning custom beats, pricing and ownership, please click here or contact me. Please allow up to 24 to 48 hrs for a response due to the high level of emails I receive. Thank you.

Final Mixing

That’s right, final mixing services are currently offered at Beats for Word of caution! There are tons of other beat leasing sites out there that will claim to master your music for you. Research first! Find a dedicated mastering house. Mastering should be left to mastering professionals, done at mastering studios with top dollar equipment. Just because a producer may own a software program that comes with mastering plugins, doesn’t mean a thing and they’ll try to sell you on that. Mastering is truly an art in itself, usually learned through years of experience with trained ears. No machine or program can beat a pair of trained ears in the mastering realm. So with that said, I am not a mastering professional, so I don’t offer mastering services. But what I do offer professionally, what I am trained in, is Final Mixing. Which is basically tweaking the levels to your song to obtain the best quality in preparation for mastering. Because a bad final mix can’t be mastered properly if proper headroom isn’t maintained along with proper final bussing techniques. For further info. on pricing and what final mixing vs mastering is all about, please contact me.